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Apr 2016
We are poems: each of us narrating different instances of life.
Dancing, singing and humming the tune of our words.
Waiting, to be read by the one's who understand.

We are poems of the divine sort.
Our Poet is the one whence all words came from:
Written in the word of God, we are eternally printed on the paper life.

And we're all worth the paper we are printed on.
For life is unique, like the meanings different poems hold.

You are a living poem.
And knows not the poem, it's own importance.
The one who reads you may or may not understand you well.

But poems are like that:

The ones who do understand, admire your importance.
And in such people, you find a reflection of you.
For they are similar living poems.

-The Silent Poet

Ajey Pai K
Written by
Ajey Pai K  24/M/New Delhi, India
(24/M/New Delhi, India)   
     james nordlund, chimaera and ---
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