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Apr 2016
I know its hard at times for u
To understand me
Less words just become
Basic non verbal communication

Im use to blue lines
And 1 red
3 holes for some half mooned
Clips to fill
Followed with a white canvas
My binder paper strays

The pen bleeds out its ink
Like taking in a stray
I so much hidden
So many words
Alot of me to show and say

But thats just paper
Thats just how my heart breathes
For the pen to paper
Is how i listein
And how i see

But this way of communication
Isnt fitting
For ur needs
So we sit through text
Never really speaking of the things
We seek to appeal

Just words yhat are wordless
To pass by our time
How long does nothing last
When u plan to spend a lifetime
Random thinking of pens
-cunningham owns
Always Consider  Everyone
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