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Apr 2016
You look into her eyes and see the wild,
Almost like you can see into her eternity.
She notices your gaze and quickly looks away
Just as you find yourself wanting to stare infinitely.

Blue and green marbles sneak out from behind
As many strands of golden hair as stars in the sky;
And you are dying to wipe that tear from her cheek,
Knowing very well her pain will multiply if you try.

We all know there is no way to tell someone
How much of their being you want and need
Knowing that they'll never love you back
Which is why you're saying you have to leave

Because you can't force someone to love you back
Or rationalize why you should be together.
So break your gaze and heart and just walk away
If only for today, if not then for forever.
Written by
     Lior Gavra and Margaret
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