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Apr 2016
Sitting alone,
Waiting for something,
Time to reflect,
Time for pondering,

The mind wanders,
Back, Back,
Before "it" happened,
When life was "normal"

When the sky was blue,
Before the rivers ran red,
When the fields were green,
And flowers would grow,

The forests were green,
Animals roaming,
Birds singing,
And food could grow,

The skies are purple,
Filled with debris,
From other earths,
And deep underground,

The machines were merciless,
Wholly set to accomplish a goal,
To violate this ****** earth,
And take her seed,

To plant elsewhere,
Grow and nurish,
Then harvest again,
Such is their game,

But earth cannot comprehend,
The powers that be,
Lying behind,
Such extraterrestrial visitors,

Escaping back,
To that wonderful world,
With everything needed,
And more to enjoy,

When people were free,
And bread was cheap,
When pleasure was possible,
When children could play,

For never again,
Will happiness be heard,
For once it is barren,
They destroy the world,
Maximus Tamo
Written by
Maximus Tamo  Tomah
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