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Apr 2016
Why do you yell at me?
Why did you never yell at him?
When I'm defending my mother from you and you look back and tell me,
"Why don't you keep your ******* mouth shut and speak when I tell you to speak"
Why do you only say that to me?
Why do you say "it's none of your buisness"
When you're yelling at my ******* mother
Of course it's my buisness and if you think I'm not going to fight back then you're dead ******* wrong
But why
Why do you
You only yell at me
You never yelled at him
When he spoke his mind and pointed out your wrong-doings
You didn't do anything
You didn't yell at him and tell him to shut his ******* mouth
You didn't tell him that
And now that he's in college I'm alone to face him
God knows that he doesn't care what my mom has to say
I'm alone here and there's nothing I can do
All I can wonder
Is why he does this to me
And not you
Why does he yell at my mom when she didn't do anything wrong
Why does he get mad when I defend her
Why does he get mad when I open my mouth
Why does he yell at me for this
What am I doing wrong
Is helping my mother wrong?
Why am I not allowed to fight back?
Why won't you let me talk until I'm spoken to?
Is what I'm doing really so wrong?

I'm crying and this is **** but I have to let it out
Written by
   Skaidrum and Wyvern Queen
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