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Apr 2016
I was stuck without a paddle
In loves pool
My legs grew tired of treading water
My arms became weak and floppy
Like an old mans ****
My hopes of finding land were washed away in the swift currents beneath my feet
I was done for
A goner for sure
But as I was slipping into the deep
With my arms stretched out toward the dying sun above me
Everything went dark
A hand pulled me out
And onto a raft made of wilting roses and dying romance
I glanced into the eyes of my savior
And saw it was you
You pulled me out before I could drown
And when you looked back at me
The roses started to bloom once more
And I realized something both equally horrible and magnificent
That no matter how hard you try to hold on
Sooner or later
Broken hearts mend
And you either move on
Or you sink forever with those rocks in your pocket
Dorian Zorne
Written by
Dorian Zorne
       Lauren Leal, Samuel Hesed, ---, ---, James Arce and 7 others
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