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Apr 2016
Her: I love you? Him: ......I care for you? Her: Is that all? Your such an *******.?
Him: Do you think so? I don't want to lie to you.?
Her: What do you mean??
Him: Let me tell you what it means when I say I love someone, what it I love you truly means.? Him: Love is when I can walk up to you and say that I saw you yesterday, but todayΒ  you are more beautiful than I have seen you any day, than I've seen you everyday, than I told you you were yesterday. Love is when I can hold your hand and walk with you saying nothing and sometimes looking you in the eye and still feel like we spoke in volumes. Love is when we have an argument and I feel like I can't do it anymore, and I can walk away from you knowing that tomorrow I can come back, hold you in my arms and say I'm sorry and everything will go back to being normal. Love is when I can listen to you tell me about every part of you, about the parts you love about yourself and the parts you hate. When I can listen to you tell you about the mistakes you've made, the people you've hurt and the people who've hurt you. Love is when I can take one look at you, go to the store buy you ice cream, snacks and hire a dvd for us to watch because I can see only at a glance that you've had an awful day. Love is when everything I do when I'm not with you isn't as colourful, when I be with you outside of life. Love is when we help each other to reach our goals and forever doesn't matter because we are trying to make the best of today and tomorrow together. Its when I am yours, and you are mine; mind, body, soul and heart.? Her: .......I don't know what to say......?
Him: Let me ask you then. Do you love me? If you do then don't leave because I don't. Stay with me and give me chance to fall in love with you too.
Luthando Thomas
Written by
Luthando Thomas  24/M/Where Earth & Ocean meet
(24/M/Where Earth & Ocean meet)   
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