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Apr 2016
I wanted you to be the one
Only for me
Since the day I met you
I always pictured my future mornings
With a wooden table
The smell of freshly brewed coffee
And you holding my waist
In our own little kitchen
I wanted to grow with you
I wanted my most important times in life
To happen with you right there by my side
I wanted your chest to be the chest
That I would laugh and cry in a million times
I wanted to touch you and be touched by you
Until my body couldn't feel anymore
I wanted to go places with you
I wanted us to discover things
About ourselves and each other
I wanted to have you for many years
And still be able to feel the way I do
Every time I see your face or hear your name
It makes me feel so weak
But it always brings a smile to my face
Because I know you have no clue
How much I love loving you

I wanted you to be my other
                My lover
     My best friend
I wanted my life long dream of love
           To be fulfilled by you

But then again,
    It isn't always about
        What I want
It's about you
Agnis Lynota
Written by
Agnis Lynota  24/F/Out of the Box
(24/F/Out of the Box)   
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