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Jan 2012
Christmas Knowing
We mourn the life of Elisabeth Edwards a life
Truly that was Magnificence blasted
She truly will be home for Christmas

It happens imperceptibly on any given winters frosty morn the Christmas spirit returns where has it been many places here are the
Most important places Heaven and church houses the angels and carolers coalesce in this regard both act kind of alike both groups
Highly anticipate this time and then they both seem to rush out unknowing they bring the holy hush and sacred atmosphere along
Since they rush out at such speed it has no time it remain with them and then the other places the Christmas spirit resides in last year’s empty
Boxes quietly put away in closets, attics, and back bedrooms or in drawers with ribbons and even on the sharp edges of scissors that
Were used to cut wrapping paper and this spirit slowly recedes to far corners of rooms in all our homes it never really is gone it was
To strong mingled with love joy and laughter and hearts and souls of families you call it forth by speaking on the phone or speaking
To one another about it in the depths of each soul it has such a density it is layered by all that makes Christmas so great and real
It’s like blowing on embers that seem finished but by your gentle breath life is renewed at first just a small glow but with persistence
The reward a tiny flame and then the Yule log itself catches fire the inward dormant spirit floods the home on the wings of the cozy
Fire momentarily turn your attention to the outside what pleasure you can be the loneliest rejected person but driving by you see a
Families tree in the window what is it like the silver moonlight when it drenches the darkness it Illuminates everything it touches it is soft
You soften as well by looking at their tree you are seeing and feel welcome you magnify the setting to grand and immeasurable true
Depths your eyes pulled from the scene but not from the lasting effects of being conscious undivided from others and the love they
Feel for one another then returning in doors and especially filled with delight if your neighbor is one that has his yard and house
Decorated as much as you do you have to go look out the window for another look your window absolutely beautiful not only the
Tree is glory dressed in ***** of all colors deep greens with white powdered flow lines tiny Santa smiling beside rooftop chimney red *****
With brown reindeers blue with widows each square filled with snow then your own window sprayed with snow from a can the little
Trees that were cut out like paper cut out dolls sprayed over then when they were removed left perfect trees of glass surrounded
By the snow spray, feel Christmas in the air if it were an older Christmas there would be tops as big as upside down bowls with a point
Red with wide yellow rings with children painted in blue a long curled rod would protrude from the top and it would finish with a wood
Handle shove it down several times pull your hand off watch it whirl a more extravagant gift a Ferris wheel a foot high yellow dream
With blue stars splashed about get lost in this twirling wonder down and up it goes beautiful dolls compete toy dish sets tea anyone
A large view of the room candles on the mantle loved ones look from pictures in frames on walls and tables but as I have said before
How much more they are present in the living that contain everything that they were when physically present now they are dispersed
Through the tiniest treasures some small enough to nuzzle your neck try to buy that and put it under the tree there breath is present
In yours their spirits more real and stronger than the timbers that hold the structure over your head to move from the Christmas spirit
To the human spirit a few years ago an experiment showed a lighting type of energy in flux coming from a human body they estimated
Its power would reach levels of atomic proportions if harnessed then unleashed you’re not from monkeys and you’re not weak clay
That can be easily erased we already know we are eternal an a room filled with loving caring families are unbeatable nothing can
Compare to it this is the envy of time and eternity only His love out shines it and is more valued comfort knows no bounds but it rests within
Wooden walls and halls decked with holly love the legal true tender of Christmas enjoy spend it with abandonment there are a lot
Who hurt the whole year it is now a fight to even say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah worse it has become unimportant how sad
There is such a thing as being too modern we need to find the old sign post give them our allegiance speak truthfully be kind this uplifts
A nation and its people

12\7\10 The honored dead of punch bowl and Pearl whisper softly.
Life contrasts with death but gives birth to harmony.
The dead guide the living into a higher arena.
We are called and pressed by the common that are now lofty
Written by
Hal Loyd Denton  Pana Ill
(Pana Ill)   
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