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Jan 2012
Getting it

First this will be short and sweet I feel I have lost the connection. I need to stop read refill the tank or at least purify return intensified
Any way what I get is light I admit I didn’t get the appreciation of light in New Mexico first not being a painter or into photography
Is a hindrance then going to Santa Fe was for me just like the grass hills of California this is different than the desert scene around Taos
When you first enter from Texas on the east its Identical to Colorado I did get the action from the light gliding down the high way at
Different lengths of the sun with classical music that I never otherwise listen to the purple sage is a wonder and the drive to California
Through the southern route it is tremendous it is a Painted Desert mesas red cliffs arroyos adobe architecture the bare and sad housing of
Our first people no manner of light helps all it does is darken your mood and lets anger flare to drop back to the most common light
In the home there again it depends on the amount years ago or at least the houses I lived in didn’t have ceiling lights just lamps in the
Corners even as a kid I knew that was bogus it would been fine in a castle the dark texture and gloom would have set the place off just
Right but in a modern house you felt this darkness fine for barbarians to roar in but was off putting now the light drenches shines on
glass table tops deepens off of black leather gives large black flat screen television a feel of art again never one to be in the market but
I have searched for ever for a painting that would touch me so deeply have an effect that was unforgettable a lot of times I have gotten
Close but not yet I find it in nature and along highways see a farmhouse across the fields in the distance the widows a blaze in sunlight
And then continue another later in evening twilight diffused soft a low glow somehow the soul is engaged like at no other time the soul
Must identify as it works to soften as a filter the harder harsher outside life predicaments you appreciate a fence line especially one let
Go from painted white to weathered gray tuffs of grass protrude the gold and gray complement one another add the splash of proper
Sunlight gorgeous or a painting an aged city with the narrow street a house bathed from its own color by bright sun light have the
Door ajar dark shadows for a short distance show sparse furniture your mind can invent the family show their hard existence
Deepening perfecting the painting the ocean waves the delightful green seen in the curl reaches farther than the shore most days seem common
But then those days not quiet even time but the sun flares it holds a golden flash the green grass every tip fired to perfection trees buildings blazed
In a special glory wonderful undying light divides darkness enhances makes it endearing I get that much and that is enough for now
Until the master of light vanquishes all darkness that is evil then we will finally really see
Written by
Hal Loyd Denton  Pana Ill
(Pana Ill)   
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