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Apr 2016
Are these slander & slurs,
I seem to be hear-
ing with these two ears?
How, men, may you hold valid opinions
of me as a ***-r -
when our acquaintance
has never been near-
er than a distant planet from here? -
Weird, -
you seem so sure of your facts.
However, it seems awfully whack -
as you've never crossed the back-
of my mind! -
Suggestion, sir: --
if I may concur; -
Stop hasting over others lives!
  If you've already blown through
  seven wives.. - don't you think -
  just possibly -
  that - YOU - might
  be the issue?
Open your eyes!
Take control of your live!
& I'll continue down my own
    the way I always have.
Trust me, friend.
Once you can see,
you may even thank me.
Surely- so much more, you can be!
February 29th, 2016
Hideous Aegidius O'Crowley
Written by
Hideous Aegidius O'Crowley  20/M/Upon Thee Prairie Plains
(20/M/Upon Thee Prairie Plains)   
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