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Apr 2016
Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the insecurist of them all? Who's the one who looks back a second glance to see if there's any drastic changes
In her weight
In her face
In her hair
And in her waist

In her smile or in her teeth. In her skin or the way she speaks?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the dumbest of them all? For looking at you and seeing the opposite. For avoiding you because she's afraid. For looking at you and feeling disgusted or for not accepting for how she's portrayed.

Mirror mirror on the wall. That's all you really are. You don't lie. You don't hide. You're just a mirror. With no pride. You reflect the piece of art a woman really is. But in her eyes it was all a big, fat, giant miss.
Denisse Perez
Written by
Denisse Perez
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