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Apr 2016
there's nothing here
i choked on thirty pills
of brain killing chemicals
couldn't think, couldn't think
couldn't walk, couldn't talk
couldn't sleep, couldn't sleep
laid me to rest in my bed
there was blood all over the pen
my mouth became glued shut
couldn't cry for help if i wanted
but help wasn't here
when i was here
why should it be here now?
because i'm finally fading?
is this why there are so many funerals
for the ones life taking?
did life finally make sense
as i was lowered into the ground?
don't love me now -
i may have been born
just to die
there's nothing here now
choked on thirty pills ...
fifty pills ...
brain dead
i just wanted rest

don't love me in my afterlife
when you couldn't love my present life
Julia Mae
Written by
Julia Mae  25/Illinois.
   Star Gazer and Desire
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