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Apr 2016
I wish you didn't have the things I love
I wish you didn't have my thoughts
my hopes and my dreams
I am loosing myself and every thing I am

my favourite song is my memory of you
and my favourite artist.. her pictures..
I can't see them and not think of you there,
with me
the soft pillows on my bed hold your scent
the soap I use smells of you
when I hear the birds sing
I can feel you in my heart

how did that happen?
how are you everywhere?
how did you become everything?

I drink my coffee and I taste you
I read and you have saturated the words
spilling them into my mind
every one of them spells your name
and I can't stop reading you.

I dream and you kiss my forehead
wishing me good night
I breathe and you fill my lungs with your laughter
I close my eyes and there you are..
in every inch of my consciousness
in the expanding of my unconscious mind
you have unpacked your bags and moved in
paying in advance..

I have become your home
but there is so much you
it seems I am loosing myself
and I wonder now where I end  
and you begin
if in my mind there is so much you
I fear, is there still room for me?
Playing with thoughts of obsession, infatuation, preoccupation.
****.. it's too early for this ****..
need more coffee
Little Bear
Written by
Little Bear
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