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Apr 2016
1.  Can someone
            teach me,  
            to stop the running
            of blood
            from a wound?
2.   I don't like
            the way
            your body
            wears red;
            it's a warm
            I can't seem to
            from your cotton clothes
            my porcelain mind.
3.  Your kindness; I have never realized
            that it was it's
            very own
            of torture.
            Even blood fell
     ­       cared
            someone blissfully stupid
                             like me.
4.   I should've,
            I would've,
            I could've,
            listened to my father's instructions
            but I didn't.
            I still chase it,
            the second glass star
            to the right.
            I wasn't ready
            for what guilt
            I found;
            I never would've
            been anyways.
5.   Captain hook learned
             how simple
             it was;
             and used a
             black gun
             to ****** Peter,
             and rob him of his'
             favorite lost boy.
             He left the weapon
             in the sleight
             of my hand.
             "Time to grow up, my dear."
6.    Nine years later,
              between now
              and long ago;
              I still create
              whenever I give someone
              the power
              to mention
              your name.
7.     Father always told me
              fairy tales weren't real.
              You were mine.
              You were real.
              I still don't listen
              to father.
8.    You are the dauntless touch,
              to my sense
              of adventure
              to my flavor
              of judgment,
              to my frigid heart of
              I don't have what it
              Not anymore.
9.     One day I will join you.
               The sooner,
               the better.
               So how pointless is it
               that I write
               these letters,
               and remind myself
               that I am much older
               and very
              "Do you miss me as much as I
                     miss you?

Headstones do not have mouths;
only ears. 
 Graves are the best
of listeners.

© Copywrite Skaidrum

April 3rd, 2007.
Death of: Jack-Addison.
Cause of Death: Bullet Wound.
Witness:  Me
Written by
Skaidrum  The Basalisk's Chambers
(The Basalisk's Chambers)   
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