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Apr 2016
My sweet, sweet lover
How I have longed for you
I am writing this
Without knowing where you are
Who you are
But I must write this now
For my heart longs for you
I imagine the love we will have
Everyday of my life
I hold no high expectations of you
I do not have one image of who you are
All I have is trust in the thought
That you will love me
Just as I will love you
And I know when you hold me
I will feel impregnable
And I know that when we have children
I will never love a sight more
Than you with our little ones
I know that I will hold your chest tight
Through the rough times
That we will inevitably endure
But the down hill
Cannot and will not
Be able to be compared
To the endless uphill that our lives will be
With the love that we will shape
Into our own masterpiece
My sweet, sweet lover,
The day that I am in a white dress
And you are in your suit
And the words "I do"
So eagerly slip through my curved lips
My life will no longer just be for myself
But also
For every aspect of your existence
Be tender with me,
For you are the softest spot on my heart
Even today
April 1rst, 2016
Agnis Lynota
Written by
Agnis Lynota  24/F/Out of the Box
(24/F/Out of the Box)   
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