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Apr 2016
Saying my last prayers, obliged to end a chapter in painful epic!
My prayers are blasphemous, painted with wonder!
My prayers are not shared and closed inside me! It would burn those eyes who can't see!
I read them with closed eyes!
Read them with silent heart, unheard beats that won't scare the universe!
"You are a Star"! .... No I'm not!? I'm the Darkest  Sky that hides Stars, Shooting Stars and Rains!
Don't come near me!
I'm carrying packages inside me!
I'm surrounded with unseen halos!

That is why my prayers are not heard!
I'll keep them posted on sphere!
Let them be voiced out but not comprehend!
Let them be free from being part of little talks!
Let them be ****** and blasphemous!
             Let them be just a last prayer
Mazen Edlibi
Written by
Mazen Edlibi  45/M/United Arab Emirates
(45/M/United Arab Emirates)   
   Gary L and ---
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