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Mar 2016
The wait only occurs to the most loving and caring,
The ones who have a heart and don't mind sharing,
They believe they can wait for their so called love,
But she skips him and goes for all of the above,
She neglects his feelings and emotions for her,
She notices them but in the trash she would stir,
The boy ignores the shutdown and stays positive,
Because he can't see a world without her that he would live,
He pours his feelings into her lap,
But little did he know she thought they we're crap,
The boy constantly pursues the girl,
But after a while he wants to give up and in a ball he would curl,
He chooses to stop and never like anyone again,
Whenever he sees her he walks away after ten,
He avoids her not knowing she wants to talk,
Then after a while she begins to stalk,
Now the tables have turned and she must wait,
The only thing she can count on now is fate,
The boy figures this out and just wants to die,
For now his love is taken by another guy,
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