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Mar 2016
the feeling of your embrace, intrigues me. Vague and unkempt, hollow and fair... leading up to a mind full of Despair, but certain things always seem to be so fair.. whisking within your reach, you can't help but breathe..Β Β grasping on so tightly, the things that seem to **** you nightly.. are the thoughts of your own shallows of darkness, in a deep pit... can you stomach it? ... thinking of doubts.. and all the things you can and can not live without.. not knowing how.. but you always seem to be let down.. shutting everyone out.. putting yourself on lock down. Not always confident.. sometimes deceived.. you feel as if no one can be pleased.. with a mind full of doubt.. thinking of all the things that bring you down.. lifting yourself up.. ever so gently.. just to be slightly, slanted. with the wind of voice. feeling attacked... by things that cant with-track. Life is weird and unfortunate... but sometimes it benefits rather than portray us. Numbing the soul just to help us find "gold".. where the sun shines bright, but you don't want to fight. Anxiety ***** you in, you learn over the years that, that seems to be your best friend, a shadow. following your every move just to swallow you whole... when people "love" just to fill a hole... when you finally escape.. you come unbound.. your mind set is finallly free to be found...
Written by
VictoriaStarrrMarie  North Carolina
(North Carolina)   
   Derek Devereaux Smith, NV and SPT
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