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Mar 2016
Come sit beside me,
And read me a page from your book,
Cause your story must be wonderful,
If you're somehow misunderstood..

Oh you've touched my heart,
So don't break it..
Cause I could fall apart and still look fine... I've faked this before
But you've warmed my soul,
So don't let me go..
Cause I could lose control,
And get so cold..
I could lose you, and all..
I've lost to love before.

Come sit beside me dear,
By the fire here
If you're tired we'll,
Just settle down..
You don't belong to me
Well apparently,
But i belong to you,
I believe in us somehow..
Even right now..

Cause your heart is strong,
It beats purely for love
Oh you could do no wrong
Cause your love is safe..
Its protection from the storm..
Oh you are the one,
Well you're someone's..
And you're my favourite song
So sit beside me, and come undone..
I'll sit with you through the storm
With my little hand in yours <3
Written by
     NV, Walter W Hoelbling and Cathyy
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