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Apr 2017
A feeling for a thought
A thought for a feeling
Do i listen to my heart
the one that feels
or do i listen to my thoughts and hope this pain heals

My feelings tell me to stay
to stay and see
if the truth becomes
of what you're telling me
Do i sit and wait
do i wait to see
to find out how
you'll act with me
Do i hope and pray
do i pray to cope
to cope with the fact
that my heart's being broke
How do i do this
what do i do
point the direction
a single word or two
Show me the way
give me a sign
my heart's now in pain
with a very large fine

My thoughts tell me to go
to go and to run
to run from the game
of hearts having fun
Get away from the game
get away from it fast
for surely you'll find
your hearts broke at last
Shattered to pieces
pieces like glass
the mending hurts much more
than the original blast
For then you'll be stuck
with memories - bitter sweet -
of the love that your heart
wanted to keep
Get out of this maze
get out of this puzzle
hurry and ***** out
that love with a muzzle

The muzzle won't work
the loves grown too fast
how do i put
this love in my past
Did i lose the directions
did i miss a street
what went wrong
for now ive been beat
This game has got me
this game has won
my heart's finally broken
no longer 'tis one
Written by
Daphne Doyle  Iowa
     Lior Gavra and Elizabeth Squires
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