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Mar 2016
We stopped at Madrid base camp
and I put the book
back in my duffle bag

what you reading?
Miriam said

I took the book out
and showed her

The Apostle?
what's it about?

St Paul you know
the guy who found Christ
on the road to Damascus

o him
she said
why are you reading
about him?

wanted to read
what he was like
and did
I said

she shrugged
and said
everyone for their own
salvation I guess

I put the book away
in the bag

we walked
to a base camp cafe
and ordered burgers
and cokes and sat
at a table together

who you sharing
a tent with?
she said

some young
ex army guy
I said

what's he like?
she said

he moans a lot
about the army
and his mother
and his mother's guy
whom he hates
I said

shame you can't
share with me
she said smiling
but I’ve got a tubby girl
with me who eyes
all the guys
but the guys avoid

I said
maybe she's all right

o she's all right
but not my type
she smiled
maybe we should
team her up
with that ex army guy
Miriam said
then we could shack up
and have good
night together

I looked at her
don't think
he'll be interested
he's off dames as well
some girl had
let him down
a few months back
I said

Miriam said
it would have been good

I guess it would
I said

we ate and drank
and went back
to our separate tents
to change
for the camp disco later

I watched her walked
with that swaying ***
and I walked back
over the damp grass.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
   ---, PJ Poesy and Zak Krug
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