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Dec 2011
3 nights
New Mexican college girls &
          from Sweden ...
-- beats couchsitting i guess! tho
end up doing
enough of
  come 4 AM
, playing battlefield 3.

next night
                        ­                 to sportcheck
for new skates, 1.5 hr
sessions in McCafe
piledriving value menu ($1.49 ea)
bacon cheeseburgers
trying to avoid the bar.
(those same conversations:
"how've you been since
  last i saw you here?"

-- cutting off match heads in tyler's room,
tossing them
kleenex box,      2000
of 'em --
propellant for some
two blasting caps/
                                       in each                 end,
courtesy Snow Lake Lodge.
drive around looking for
detonation site (field, preferably,  nice & open/but remote...)
tyler & jeremy arguing
up front,
have coat over my head
in th'backseat reading
Mexico City Blues...
O Kerouac ! / better man / than i !
(this my liver
                     would dispute,
                  "YOU treat me right!!")
-- guess i never have been
of drinking alone ...
. .
(that often)

tell me   :    how is this great?
a bang & some
                                                            ­                         shrapnel,
                zinging thru the woods?

-- i'm bored to tears;
take me home to my good chair
where i can read these blues
in peace.
A L Davies
Written by
A L Davies  M/halifax
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