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Mar 2016
come home
just a little closer
jump my darling, i'll catch you
The closer i stand at the edge of the cliff the louder their chants become,
beckoning me to come home
mother screams at me to get away from the edge when my other mother is telling me to jump,
she said she'll catch me with all my brothers and sisters beside her cheering me on
come little sister, join us
they are everywhere, from small crystal droplets of rain to the treacherousΒ Β waves,
when i'm underwater, they whisper stories about what home is like,
one mother cries whilst the other is cheerful
i want to be happy, to be free, with all my brothers and sisters,
so i jump..
straight into the treacherous tempest
they kept their promise, mother, brother and sister,
their waves lashed out and caught me
the more we embraced the more the sea swelled and heaved,
together we chant
finally home
Written by
Sisilia  In a broken world.
(In a broken world.)   
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