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Mar 2016
And she seems to be
Saying no no it wasn’t

Me I never slept with
Your husband must be

Some other girl who
Looks like me and as

The subway train rocks
Back and forth she looks

Away as if to say no no
Honestly it wasn’t me

But the camera in your
Hand moves fast around

And you don’t hear or see
Her lips your focus is on

The passengers the way they
Move like children on a ride

Some fairground game the
Heads and hats and frowning

Faces smiles the looks of deadly
Boredom that I’ve seen it all

Before stare the hands gripping
The feet spread to balance frame

And still she turns the dame with
With no name seeming to say it

Wasn’t me no no I never slept with
Your old man must have been some

Other ***** one who looks like me
Can’t you see she seems to say

Turning her head away but the
Camera lens snaps and snaps  

And all are captured caught in
The moment’s chains bound

Down linked forever to each
Other and each others' pains.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
     Sjr1000, wordvango and ---
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