Dec 2011

Another year without you

Another Christmas too

Another season without you

and all I can do is think about you.

Another New Year Without You,

Another Year of Pain

Another Year of Crying

I wish it would all just go away

There is not a day that doesn't go that

I don't think about you and all

those happy twelve years we shared

and now I don't even have you.

I don't think I will ever love again,

It is just to painful I think

I just want to be with you again


I know you are watching over me.

Oh why did you ever leave me,

How can I ever go on without you

I will love you forever and as I know you will love me too.

Merry Christmas Frank in Heaven.

Lucie Elizabeth Ann Wesson
Written by
Lucie Elizabeth Ann Wesson  Evanston, Illinois
(Evanston, Illinois)   
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