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Mar 2016
I did sleep in House of Whispers
True storm, enormous proportion
Voices heard not of lispers
Things spoken had no distortion
Sleep wrecked by bent contortion

Her breath broke in, spitting damage
Window, door, shuttered madness
Hurricane Sandy rained so ravage
Spirits moaned wailing sea of sadness
The mate looked on with ever gladness

Garbled jumble, gelatinous formation
Distinctly mocking circumstances
Sandy spoke of men lost by nation
Poet reminded how nature dances
Lives, houses, relations, left to chances

She broke trees, lifted sharks ashore
House of Whispers stood, listened
Her warnings raised tides, emoting more
Matey's  blue eyes spoke, glistened
Embraced evolved nature stiffened
My night with Sandy was spent in Bridgeport, NJ. Strange sounds were heard that night and just before sunrise it became evident we needed to evacuate. By this point roads were flooding. We had no power, tv, or radio but something spoke to us.
PJ Poesy
Written by
PJ Poesy  Other side of the tracks
(Other side of the tracks)   
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