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Dec 2011
WHAT is a Hindu, a Moslem or a Christian?
    Whence he comes and where he goes?
     Ocean is a solution, salty, but-
     Corers of Suns gleam on the crest of waves-
     One, only One at the helm in the blue.
     Pools and streams and lakes and bays
     Wells and springs and rain and ice
     We see nothing but a drop, in them drops
     Nay, vapor condensed: Nay, H2O-right?
     Think a little straight, sit up aright
      Am I not right? -break, break that H2O
     Baffling bright white-light you can see.
    Of heat and Energy, Oh! 'Sivam'!
    You may call it 'Noor' in Arabic
    'Siv' in Sanskrit-what then-
    Releases combustion in cells?
   Nothing but very heat and Energy.
   Uranium and Thorium release the same.
   We find Energy unborn eternal
    Omnipresent, Omnipotent
   Omniscient, and Formless.
   The Almighty is Brahma,
   Paramatma and Allah.
   Jehovah may be for some,
   For some Agni, may be that-
   Radiant and resplendent Yogic Light.
   Cant you see Ocean in rain drop
   Cosmic power in a cell or shell?
   Cell or Shell-what is in a name?
   Is chariot, coat or prison of the soul.
   When walls get weak the soul will part
   Out through the vent as air off the balloon.
   Reading Holy Scriptures, not knowing the sense-
  What use? -observe the Nature and think
  Knowledge is a chain of fact as pearls
  Stringed by Reason and Faith with a Coir of the Truth.
  Tension brews as experiences tightly
   Loaded on the string, still stronger by Faith.
  Knowledge is light to enlighten the folk
  Not to ****, but for, co-existence in Peace.
Written by
     --- and Aditi
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