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Mar 2016
Here's a few legitimate refugees:
political, poverty, drought, war, and religious.
They're right in the top drawer zone,
But who gives a flying Whoopi
That Miley will claim assylum in Bali Bali;
Or Rosie will fly over camps on her way to Switzerland.
I hope Cher,
Doesn't apply for residence on Cape Breton Island:
We don't want you, Babe.
These are the celebrity refugees,
Bailing out on the touted
Greatest Democracy on the planet.
****, if you don't like what you elect,
Look to history,
Stove pipe hats,
And the wonders to be achieved
Before the end of this decade.
They got enough cash for space,
For Mars!
I didn't mention all the others, like Stewart, Rosie, Samuel, etc. And please, don't send Bieber back.
Francie Lynch
Written by
Francie Lynch
       Sk Abdul Aziz, Stefan Michener, ---, Puds, --- and 6 others
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