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Mar 2016
He drove me to his house
Kissed me on to his bed
And it was there
In the light of his computer
He looked into my eyes
The sincerest of smiles from the most content parts of his heart on his face
And he said it.
3 words... 8 letters...
"I love you"
Shocked by the turn of events
Because he had never said it first.
By general rule i always said it first
I kissed him.
Until i realized that this was exactly what i wanted.
His love.
So I broke the kiss to say it back.
"I love you too"
And we kissed.
But there was something new.
A wetness to it.
He broke the kiss and buried his face in my neck.
And he cried.
Because of so much stuff that i had yet to learn.
So much stuff that i wanted to learn but never wanted to push about.
And so much stuff that i could maybe never understand.
I didn't know.
I didn't know what to do.
Just hold him as he cried.
Until he looked up at me and said it again.
He said they weren't sad tears.
And it was from that moment that i knew it was something much deeper.
Something i wish on no one
Especially the love of my life.
Something I'm afraid to ask him
Because its one thing i want him never to relive...
Because I love him
Because without him i would not be here.
So we laid there for awhile
Till he got up and laid next to me instead of on me.
Tears streamed from his eyes
Till I blew on his neck, in what he calls elephant kisses, and started to laugh.
Because i will always be there to pick him up
When he can't pick himself up....
Hayden Emily Rose Zhara
   Free Bird
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