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Mar 2016
While I read I wonder..
When I close my book.. do you wait for me?
Do you wait for me to read then next line?
Does time stand still?

Do you wait for me?
Sitting upon your horses, waiting to go to battle?
Are you stood in silence or do you chat among yourselves
while I put the kettle on?
While I go to work or make tea?
Do you wait for me?

I narrate your story.
For me, while I read, you are real.
You fill my head and my heart.
My ears hear the horses charge.
I hear your war cry.
I hear the horns blow.
Your cries of pain and sorrow.
I can hear you..

I smell the turf under your feet.
The smoke in the wind.
I smell the blood of your enemies.
The acrid stench of the funeral pyre.
I can smell you..

I feel the sunrise warm my face.
I feel your anger, your joy.
I feel the sharp edge of your sword.
The heat from your skin..
I can feel you..

I run with you.
I ride with you.
I make camp and sleep under the stars with you.
I hunger and thirst with you.
I eat at your table.
And I will follow you.. where ever you lead.

But where do you go when I get tired?
Where do you go when I need to sleep?
Do you wait for me?

Or do you say..
"No!! not now! We go to battle!! We have no time to waste..
our enemy fast approaches!!!"

As I close the book and turn out the light.?
Little Bear
Written by
Little Bear
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