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Mar 2016
The shadows were not around me.
I felt different; the sun was shining in my eyes,
The air was as fresh as mint candies.
The sky was bluer that the bluest ocean.
She had come back, and I was naked,
I was not prepared, everything was different.
My monsters were jealous, the darkness was wondering,
My heart was beating faster than ever
And the chaos was being victim of the peace.
She had come back and that was something unexpected,
I already had buried all the memories,
The sad moments had been forgotten and the mistakes forgiven,
But she had come and I was totally confused.
My demons were screaming out loud.
She said she missed me and everything turned silent.
Everything was colorful again, the birds were singing sweet songs,
But I was not prepared to restart my life,
I was not prepared to suffer again.
By me, The Raven.
Steven Guevara Betancur
Written by
Steven Guevara Betancur  Colombia.
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