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Mar 2016
Those little knowing glances took my breath away.
Even though I knew the there would be a price to pay.
They lifted up my soul and pulled the pieces together making me whole.
Its too bad that to you it was just a role.
They pulled a passion out of me that I didnt know existed.  
I could not resist it.
I spent days decorating my mind with images of you.
Now that your gone this place is just a cage, locked and there is no clock.
Because I know this has no end.
There is nothing left of me to mend.
I can feel an on coming flood.
Its mixed with my blood,
from where I tried to cut you out of my skin.
I am drowning in this ocean of sorrow.
Because I know for us there is no tomorrow.  
You were just a myth.
One I became obsessed with.
You caused an earthquake in my heart.
Painted my soul black with your art.
I ripped my wrists to shreds,
because I knew you were  in his bed.
All I knew was I wanted to be dead.
I cant erase what I read.
As I fade further away from you I seem to be tortured by thoughts of never wanting to forget to trying everything to never remember that dark December day.
Unnoticed Notes
Written by
Unnoticed Notes
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