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Mar 2016
I remember discovering his body for the first time

When our moans slowly united and started to rhyme

When body language was seen as a crime

We suddenly ignored the world as we started to chime

I remember his skin put on mine

I remember his lips tasting like wine

His teases and flirts were more than fine

I remember wishing never to attend the finish line

I got lost in the middle of pleasure

Could it be a lasting treasure?

Or was it a one night stand?

In all cases I didn't want it to end

Heaven was pretty much floating on his chest

I felt heaven in the middle of his skin undressed

Heaven in his eyes that could actually see me

When I refused to see myself

I remember him laying kisses upon me

And how he was my vision when I could no longer see

I remember being chained to him but never felt more free

Until we reached the moment when I knelt down on my knee

It was then my turn to feedback the lust

As it was the time to taste, sense and gust

For my tongue was the master of this whole transgression

It started kissing and licking in such succession

That it burned his skin like lightning storm

And allowed each spot to feel the warm

That it made his heart pound like thunder

As I mastered the under

Although it was my first

It was full of familiarity

Experiencing to fill my thirst

In a way that was full of rarity

As I point that I'm a male attracted to a similar gender

And as I point that an homosexual doesn't have to be seen as an offender

For emotions are uncontrolled

As my story is there unfold

We can be different it's never a shame

We have the right not to be all the same

I might find desire in an identical gender

As you find it in a various one.
June 17th 2015
zaineb nabi
Written by
zaineb nabi  21/F/Tunisia
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