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Mar 2016
I closed the door.
Falling to my knees,
head in my hands
and I wept.
I shook.
And I rocked.
And I wept.

The world fell silent,
and dark.
The blood seeped through my clothes.
Burning scarlet.

The arrows embedded so deep.
Deep into my flesh.
Piercing flesh and organs.
Each a death blow.
And I wept..

The arrows stood out from me,
proud and valiant.
Poison tipped.
Bringing about my demise.
And I wept..

And in this silent world,
the voices came.
And one by one
the arrows were taken from me.
Tearing skin from flesh,
flesh from bone.
And in my agony,
I wept..

The ground,
a pool of my blood.
Pouring carmine.

But the voices remained.
Whispering prayers.
Words to heal.
Songs of kindness and hope.
Lullabies of peace.

And in time,
there became a comforting stillness,
and a moment of light.
An ember.
Blew upon
with the breath of kind hearts.

And in that moment,
I had hope.
I felt loved.
And I will remain.

My wounds will heal.
My skin will be marred for all time.
But I will remain.
I will stand up and smile once more.
I will be happy for my time.

Opening the door,
to do battle once again.
Sometimes life kicks your ****.
But that's when you put on your happy face
and kick it's **** right back.
Little Bear
Written by
Little Bear
       Illya Oz, Sisilia, Sierra Brown, Raindrops, --- and 42 others
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