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Mar 2016
Frantically flailing in broken facades;
these trials have been torture. I'm stuck in my ways,
and while I sit here and wallow, these choices I've made
will all come back to haunt me one of these days.

Yes, one of these days I will see what I've done,
and make peace with the problems I've caused everyone.
I would scream from the mountains, fly into the sun,
just to shed from my shoulders this weight of a ton.

When I sleep, when I dream, it is all that I see.
When I wake, and I wander, my melancholy
seems to leak in these streets beneath feet proud and free
pulling those who would touch it down into the sea.

Yes, into the sea, and down with the ship.
I'm sinking, and downing, with each tiny drip
of my blood to the floor. This eternal torment,
beckons beauty and lyric from the purse of my lips.

Would you care to be me? If you really could choose,
would you be the same with the losses I lose?
It's a simple reminder that pairs come in twos,
and no matter the feeling, or what may ensue,
there is someone out there to start your life anew,

and no one is better off being you, than you.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
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