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Mar 2016
The problem is
We all have a problem
Problems which lasts forvever
The problem with problems
Is that problems come uninvited
But every problem has a solution
Not a different solution to every problem
But one single solution to all problems
And the solution to all problems is
That when you get a problem the next time
Then don’t see the problem as a problem
But see the problem as an event you didn’t see coming
Don’t give a problem a very special treatment
But see the problem as a task you have to carry out anyway
Never let the problem get to your head
But treat the problem as if it is a part of your life
Indeed a problem is not a problem
When you don’t consider it a problem
And just classify it as an ordinary stuff
So always remember that every problem
Has this not-so-problematic solution
And if you are living a life full of problems
Then problems are not just problems
But problems are a part of life that you just have to live
And if reading this entire thing was a problem
Then you’ve just passed a problem without treating it as a
See it works!
Ashish Nand
Written by
Ashish Nand  21/M/Suva City, Fiji
(21/M/Suva City, Fiji)   
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