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Mar 2016
when psychiatric concerns are underfunded in a civilised society, everyone uses diagnostic terminology metaphorically, and in this metamorphosis everyone scandalises the former ease by turning the brain into ailments akin to liver and otherwise, or expecting enjoined evaluation of pain, where the young are prematurely depressed - having accomplished nothing - in such societies everyone suddenly becomes a psychiatrist! no wonder the syrians are coming to out-breed puncturing wisdom teeth of western men and scheming western women that simply deserve a slap.

it has been years
since i laid hands
on the tabloid newspaper
the sun,
but when i did i realised
they made the print BIG
as to invoke a sense of
when phonetic symbols
resemble faces, hands, all
kinds of limbs...
but i'm still lucid mind you...
i got a real symptom and told
to fake it... but i stopped faking
it after 7 years...
and i got scolded for it
and faking it to the nearest approximate
i could have had first-person eyesight...
plus i din't want money
from the culprit... i wanted morality,
i didn't end up chasing blind street geographies
or thought i was ready for *word salad
as if i used the language to disappear...
or not understand a word
in an otherwise Gaelic accent... wee (small)
truffle (problem)...
i just met cowards along the way,
the ones that turned fear into ignorance
to numb a fascination with illuminating lights...
i was scolded for my pain
and told to simulate a fake condition;
mental illness in my family?
well, if you'l consider world war ii as a mental
illness, a grandfather who still remembers ss-men...
i guess it is... but then when i present them
the ailed body, they congregate to un-think it
like the qua'ranic version of the crucifixion
and the phantom... i'm basically not allowed
my physical ailments, instead told to double-up
for sure the need for an english understanding
of a anti-abstracting word like metaphysics...
we can't vector the word metaphysics into
nothing, because we believe nothing to be
something... i still think they're cowards,
the whole lot of them... they wouldn't take me
seriously using the internet medium as a justifiable canvas...
i had to go among my countrymen for the hard evidence
that i wasn't simply "deluded" but allowed print,
which wasn't a self-publishing page 3 model assertion.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  33/M/Essex (England)
(33/M/Essex (England))   
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