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Mar 2016
You broke me into pieces I didn't know I had,
but you already knew that.
The first time you laid hands on me every scratch I had seemed to disappear only moments later to return as cracks.
How did I get so fragile?
How could you bear to touch me?
I felt the ice in my heart turn to fire and I thought it was because I was starting to feel alive again
but really I was fighting for my life.
My heart's adrenaline was fleeing from a monster I didn't know I had until it was too late.
I know now that the world waits for no one
and if I were to stop this vicious cycle the time I would need to mend is much too great for this world to handle.
So I don't know if I'm afraid of losing you or afraid that in the time it will take me to mend the world will simply leave me behind.
I am much too insecure to be left behind by the two things that matter most.
I don't remember writing this.
Taylor Naomie Bass
Written by
Taylor Naomie Bass
     Rose Cornicelli, Shan Coralde, ns and SPT
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