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Feb 2016
I had always prided myself on my strength
The fact that I survived multiple abuses
And still didn't break

I told you about it all
The beatings I received
The ****
And the hopelessness I felt everyday

You promised me sanctuary and I was cautious at first
You gained my trust
And quenched my love thirst
You made me feel safe
As you slowly burrowed into my soul

The manipulation, like a slow acting poison
Rotted me from the inside out
And by the time it was obvious
I was already under your control
And already falling down

I always prided myself on getting right back up
But your hold on me and abuse
Was such a mind ****
And I'm stuck

Even after I broke free from you
The roots of your control were still buried in my soul
And to this day, you make me the weakest
And you make every ray of sunshine the bleakest

I'm so paranoid
And so confused
I mix up pure love
For someone trying to abuse
And I'm trapped here
Forever pretending to be the same old me
So strong and so brave
But my unbreakable heart is starting to cave
Anastasia Anderson
Written by
Anastasia Anderson  Magnolia, Tx
(Magnolia, Tx)   
     Lexi Rigg
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