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Feb 2016
If a tree falls in the forest
and no one hears it
and presumably if the tree fell
it follows that it was dead
if all these things happen
is the tree real?
does it exist?
is it tangible?

let me backtrack
there's a sprout
and it blooms
grows taller
grows branches
and then one day
as you well know
it falls

was it real?

reality is subjective
it makes me wonder
what real is
we are real
in the sense that we, right now, have consciousness
but that's not what I'm worried about
in the grand scheme of things
in the forest that is our universe...

Am I...?

I'm talking about a tree
in a forest
not me
in this world
was it real?
tell me
tell me

did it matter?
did any of it matter?
the time lighting took off a slab of bark
the time two birds made love on it
the time a squirrel nestled inside it
the time a leaf fell and smacked a little boy in the face
yes it happened
but was any of it REAL?

These are somber thoughts
they reek of depression
i've put up walls around myself
which are fine to keep out intruders
but it seems I did not give myself the key
what am I hiding?
what do I not want me to know?

Am I...?
I found it
the key
I need to finish the sentence
but I can't imagine the weight of that question
how can I question that of myself
do it

Am I.......
Does any of it matter?
and if some of it does
am I losing sight of those things
have I lost my connection to reality
am I alone
is this all there is?

If I fall in a forest
and no one hears it
and presumably if I fell
it follows that I was dead
if all these things happen
was I real?
did I exist?
Was I tangible?
Written by
Tark Wain
   Jemoh and the Sandman
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