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Feb 2016
I was in my father's office (clinic)
and there were patients waiting to
be accommodated.
And my father had them waiting
because he
wasn't there for an hour
or I guess..

But the thing is
I just sat there
Waiting for my father
but no one recognized me as his
Even so, the idea of it amused me
And suddenly, some of the patients
started to talk
about the artworks...about
the paintings that're hanged on the
The woman was amazed about my father's work
not knowing
that it was his
The man told her that it is his work
And then, the woman added
that she really liked the paintings
that were posted in front, looking from the outside
and said that it was... really profound
or rather artsy

I didn't want to boast or tell them that those were
my works. I just smiled
a bit and
moved on
There's nothing to be proud of.
Written by
Emilio  Philippines
   the Sandman, Bianca Reyes and SPT
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