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Feb 2016
i'm done with you and all your ****
most people wouldn't live through your ****
but i did
i stayed because of what you "lead" me to believe
and i left when i was done
and you knew i would leave
spread your rumours
frankly i don't ******* care
believe i'm an abusive *****
nothing you do is worth my time
whoever believes you is not worth my time
so take your selective memory and stick it up your ***
at least (in public) you're doing it with class
you don't exist in my world
you're the shadow of the person next to you
the imaginary friend that i'm forced to talk to
and as far as our never existing friendship goes
it was a lie since the first day you thought we had something in common
so finally
for the last ******* time
sorry for all the cursing, i'm just really ******* mad
Written by
Riot  Pennsylvania
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