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Feb 2016
Today shed I a tear for every lost soul
Lost in the furtherance of ill-conceived war
Lost at the hands of  a political goal
Lost now to good health, consistently poor.

As refugees they travel to find peaceful land
Relying on handouts from a charity trough
Reviled by so many who don’t understand
Who deny there’s a problem or just shrug it off.

Would a family not desperate get in one of those boats
And set sail over seas that so frequently ****
And give all of their money to who promises the most
Who manipulates their misery with such deadly skill.

Yes, shed a tear for humanity’s sake
Have we lost all compassion and good grace
Let us recognise the pain and the risks that they take
And be grateful that it’s something that we will not face.

But politics the *****, whose behaviour is arch
And the arms manufacturers and their riches
Mean more refugees will set off on the march
While so many lie dead in quickly dug ditches.

Man is truly his own worst enemy.

©Joe Wilson – Today shed I a tear…2016
Joe Wilson
Written by
Joe Wilson  In this world.
(In this world.)   
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