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Feb 2016
My life feels critical.
Im going to need one of Christ miracles
and clear my head of viruses that seem invisible to human kind.
cause they can't see what goes on in my mind, but its still physical.
I swear and I'm trying.
they call me mister smalls,
but mister smalls can knock down walls, then rebuild them all, just to feel tall,
so why you still lying?
the virus bites my thoughts raw.
and I'm still on a ball,
I dont need the comfort that you'd been supplying at all,
My mind called me lonely but I thought it was lying so the sick drugs continue "the kids' mind's frying."
and the sicker kids try but they are still dyeing.
and oh how that hurts.
with life exploding and watch your heart begin to burst.
breaking into a million pieces on this earth...
feeling as real as it was when momma gave you birth.
now i stand all by my side.
by my self
still don't need wealth.
i cant stand the lies.
and its all because my mind got me tied i was here all a long but it took me this long to realize. that i had lost something important.
I forgot who i was before the sickness got to the healthy ones like it did me.
the sickness never died, my mind lied, it's just the virus you cant see.
I'm not crazy.
Note: I do not authorize the duplication's of my writings, photography, and personal information.
Kaitlyn A Warnken
Written by
Kaitlyn A Warnken  West Virginia
(West Virginia)   
     tas, AD, NuBlaccSoul and WNG
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