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Feb 2016
Four on the fold;
Turned within:

Coil and Pyramid

An eye for an eye makes
No world deaf
No love held
No life had

Not a moment here
Or a road in sight


Once upon a time, when
you, like him along the Rhine
Thought of your reflection,
Mutable in the current

You too grasped that chance for
No representation, no reality
Beyond that weariness

Your pain, you didn’t know
Became the king’s austerity


Cloak and Dagger, a dove came
In the night like a thief on the hour arrived
Unexpectedly, inexplicable as
A sickness or sage or words to tell why

Why me?

She too stole that power from,
Usurping the crown from above
Reason, elevated unto
—Passed down from—
Hand in hand in the Court of the heart
And here yet again

Yet again you’re here!
Written in 2011. Images of Eckhart and the Orient.
Vincent St Clare
Written by
Vincent St Clare  Yuppie-ville
   Cecil Miller
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