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Feb 2016
He pleads and shouts
Get away!
That he’ll only get hurt
If he cradles the angel to his chest
There’s blood on his face
Grace leaking from a wound
And Dean holds on tight
Not wanting to let go
Please Dean, he’ll beg
You’ve got to get away.
I’m not leaving my angel
He’ll reply
He holds him close
More of the bright grace
Spilling to the floor
Hold on tight
Don’t let him go
He can’t go
I need him
I need him so much

Let go
Let go
Let go
He pleads
And a burst of pain
Spreads across dean’s chest
As the angel’s wings
Leave the burn marks
He cries
He shouts
In pain and in shock
It hurts so much
To not see life in
Those beautiful blue eyes
He’s gone
And the scarring reminder
Is there on his chest
The shadow of angel wings
Burnt into him

He’d told him to let go
Didn’t want Dean to carry the burden
Of the marks upon himself
But he does
And he holds on tight
Even as his brother tries to
Pull him away
Dragging him into an embrace
His brother whispers words
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay
But it’s not
He’s got the reminder on his chest
And Castiel’s body beside him
As his brother holds him close
And it’s not okay
It hurts so much
Everywhere – his
Everything hurts
Like it won’t get better
It won’t
It won’t
It won’t
But it will
It will
It will
well this is one of the most feelsy things I've ever written. It's based on a piece of fanart I saw:

and I've been trying for months to write poetry for it and finally the inspiration hit me and here we are!
Written by
envydean  23/F/UK
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