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Feb 2016
a patient walks into a doctor's office
and says:
- doctor, doctor, i'm suffering
from diabolical laughter!
doctor replies:
- just keep on laughing.*

they're really truly atheists on
an atomic level,
the more they try to live outside
of nature, and glorify it,
the more damnable they come:
put them peering into a microscope
or a telescope the more
their audacity builds up,
but when an earthquake,
but when an earthquake,
when a storm, when a hurricane,
all the intellectuals disperse,
the pathetic state of drowning,
the pathetic state of any form of suffering,
you'll only find atheistic audacity
among biologists,
chemists and physicists the middle-men
of argumentation,
biology appeals to the general public,
as expressed by confusion in the ***** region
of things... transgender this, transgender that,
the ploy of the heterosexual:
it's only natural via a surrogate mother,
and a human heart grown in a pig's body...
while chemists construct the next ester
of shampoo or fishy bacon, or the next
biggie boom boom,
while physicists are out there with the quote:
now i'm become death, the destroyer of worlds,
but can't stop the moon in its tract...
or bother with the near apparent
biggie boom boom of saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal,
they make the explosions too big...
too much of a Hiroshima, too much of a Nagasaki...
Hollywood is still dreaming of the Manhattan
Project, it's constantly terrorising america...
Hollywood is constantly out on a Jihad to
culture-corrupt with a constant sense of paranoia...
it's always destroying cities...
big **** monsters or some odd german accented
'simon says, simon says...'
but they changed location, now double-decker
buses are exploding on parliament bridge...
so the kids know of it, a day late, a day after
the explosion on twitter.
or as i once said, when that famous tsunami hit
japan... 'where was the army dropping
bombs on the wave to disperse it
and disallow its movement onto the mainland?
they could have bombed that wave into oblivion...
instead some other army, in some other
country decided it required a tsunami of blood
to pour into other countries via the streams
of journalism.'
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
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