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Feb 2016
significant other
on her journey
first of seven in blackout
with twenty-one more

only she can swim her way
out the bottle neck

treadn so long
but still ended on the bottom
would have drown
had she not been the drinker

cause the bottle is empty
if you have not found

for it was as empty as
her life
even though
i am beside her

she would have drank me too
if i had not
soured her desire

in the midst of these
flowers an sweets
of love

i bow my head alone
for a healthy wife
to come home

hated as i am
to have been the one

the demands i made
ultimatums is really
what they were

i gladly checked her in
for the doctors
to pull whats inside her

questions abound
will i still be around
could this be our end
was this my purpose
when it all began

just the lords game
to send me the broken
only to began again

is this my life
that i'm always
only a fixer

am i the problem
in the end
to be sent away
a dis-carder

rehab will tell
if this love will last
or i my be just her past
thirty days will tell

im the hubby livin rehab hell
Written by
(avera ga)   
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