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Feb 2016
Do you know?
For you
I was wandering
i still remember those days
When I was wandering
WhenΒ Β I travelled by barefooted miles away
When I was lost in the world of selfishness
People i faced hardly had kindness.
Do you know?
For you.
I was wandering to & fro to find you
With out food and without boots
Torned cloths and a stiched blanket
Being Wrapped to hide my face
In cloudy weather or sunny days
Seemed everyday to be same
Do you know?
For you
I was wandering
Just like streets were mine.
But Strange places & strange people
cause of staggering while walking was tiredness not wine.
People started staring at me
& scared by me.
They fled distance away from me.
I stumbled 'fell down & scraped my knee.
Do you know?
for you
I was wandering
I was too much hungry
I leaned to touch a muddy loaf
That threw somebody from roof
Eventually I visted close to your house
I tried to knock your door
Instead of welcome
You pushed me and yelled to go
I concealed my face & hid my tears
Likewise I was unknown to you for many years.
Do u know?
For you
I was wandering
Cuz I was too much gloomy & sad
I didn't care people spit upon me or kicked me out
But was not expecting this
You failed to know me & my love
My insanity condition
My rambling as wayfarer
Behind my crazyness
Reason was you
Cuz I love you.
Do you know?
For you
I was wandering
In the sands
Wonderful lands
Now I always pray to GOD
Give me patience & save me
Never lead me astray
I returned back to home
Caring me my dad & mom
& now I am normal
Thank you
Do you know
Reason is only you....

By Shaffu...
shaffu shafiq
Written by
shaffu shafiq  india(Kashmir)
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